Top 5 Winter 2020/21 interior design trends

The warm season is over and the cold season is now upon us and with it comes interior design trends for 2020/21. This trend ranges from fabrics that come in dark and bright colors, as well as accessories that come in materials made of rich textures and embellishments that will add that cozy feel to your home.

Neutral colors

Neutral colored items never really go out of style and they are a perfect pick for any season. You can pick neutral colored sofas and add bold colored cushions for that cozy feel. You can play around with textured rugs to add color and pattern to your room.

Use marble

Marble has been around for ages and it has for a long time symbolized luxury, tradition and unique taste. Add the exquisite marble to add a modern and luxurious twists to your spaces. It is important to note that using too much marble for your spaces makes your room lose its aesthetic appeal. Use marble on your kitchen counter tops or bathrooms for that timeless look.

Use room dividers

The open floor plan has gained popularity over the years but if you are looking forward to creating a cozier feeling to your room you can use dividers. Not only does this add comfort, it also provides intimacy and privacy. Some of the dividers can act as bookshelves or fire places.

Scandinavian design

This design has been around for a long time and in order to easily nail this style, go for more inviting colors and brightly colored accessories. However, you ought to go easy with the colors so as not to weigh down your room with too many textures and colors. Instead, use abstract pieces in neutral colored rooms, linear pieces and accent furniture.

Go Luxurious

This year the luxurious trend has been about using neutral palettes, earthy tones and pieces made of velvet. To add a little natural touch to your home, you can use crystals, stones and corals. Add these beautiful pieces to shelves, counter tops and tables for that natural sophistication.

Other items to add to your home:

  • Use contrasting details such as pillows and rugs to add comfort to your home.
  • Use deep and rich colors like orange, green or any other dramatic palette you’d love to incorporate in your home for that chic look.
  • Add wood elements for that rustic feel.
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Practical Tips to Create a Restful Reading Nook

If you are an avid book reader creating a cozy space to curl up while reading your favorite novel is necessary. Carving out an ideal space for a reading nook is an excellent investment. The selection of the right furniture and décor is the secret of building a remarkable and comfy space. Some of the reading nook ideas you can incorporate include:

Create a Space in your Bedroom

Create a warm reading space in your bedroom. Select an ideal armchair and table and strategically place them in one corner of your bedroom. Adding a blanket and comfy pillows ensure the reading nook is comfortable and warm.

Invest in a Hammock Chair

A hammock chair or swing chair ensures you have a correct sitting position while reading. The comfortable chair is soothing to the muscles; it will help relieve any back muscles or neck muscle pain. After hectic schedules, read the book on your list on the elegant, stylish, and comfortable hammock chair.

Create a Space in your Favorite Spot

Creating a reading nook on your favorite spot ensures you enjoy your favorite book in your fantasy world. If you love admiring nature, consider creating a reading space on the balcony or backyard. Other spots include the attic, window, or the staircase.

Construct Built-in Shelves

Constructing built-in shelves helps in the systematic organization of your books and creates modesty on the reading nook. Incorporating upscale finishing on the shelves and painting with bright colors enhances a more sophisticated look.

Add Built-in Lighting

One of the essential reading nook ideas is the addition of built-in lighting. The built-in lighting present can define the atmosphere of the reading nook. Position the light directly above the book to avoid glare. The light color will depend on your taste and preference, but the best reading is either yellow, or light with a warm tone.

Add Décor

The decoration process is diversified and is mostly dependant on your taste and preference. For the walls, you can add a subtle wallpaper of your liking. Spice up the area with a mix of colors; select the best shades that rhyme with the rest of your interior décor. The addition of veritable houseplants helps in the creation of a green atmosphere in the reading nook.

Looking for more ideas? Check out the Tylko’s reading nook how-to!

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How To Choose The Righ TV Stand

Let’s face it, the TV is the central point of most living rooms, and what it sits on is similar to other furniture – though it says plenty about you. TV stands and wall units had evolved significantly from the days of large wood cabinets decades ago. What’s more, TVs have also evolved, which means that there are many details to think through before making your decision.

When searching for a TV stand, you have to find a suitable size stand with a good design that matches your taste, among other features you may need. In this article, we are going to talk about how to choose the right TV stand.

Let’s get started!

The décor and size of the room

Your TV stand is supposed to complement the room’s furnishing it will be placed in. If you want to put it in the living room, its design should complement the furniture’s colours.

If your space has a modern design, you should go for a metallic or glass TV stand. Then again, rooms with antique furnishings should have a wooden stand. Moreover, you should also consider the room’s size, which will help determine whether you should go for a swivel or corner TV stand. Also, there is the wall mount, which will save you a lot of space if the room is small.

The features of the TV stand

Stands come in different sizes, shapes, and features. Some have various compartments for other electronic gadgets which emphasize the experience of watching your TV. Some feature sophisticated cable organization systems that have your room looking tidier and more organized by keeping different cables like USB and HDMI cables out of view. Some have compartments for gaming consoles and TV hutches.

With all these different types of the TV stand to choose from, you can be sure that you’ll find one that complements your furnishing and your needs. What’s more, you can also see one that is so attractive that you’re prepared to base your home’s interior design on it. Most times, it always comes down to your taste.


The technology of flat-screen TVs creates a variety of screen sizes to choose from. They are bigger and better than their predecessors. This means that most of the time, Televisions do not come with a heavy in-built stand; thus, you will have multiple options of TV stands to choose from. Buying the right-sized stand will make watching your TV comfortable and keep it stable.

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