Top 5 Winter 2020/21 interior design trends

The warm season is over and the cold season is now upon us and with it comes interior design trends for 2020/21. This trend ranges from fabrics that come in dark and bright colors, as well as accessories that come in materials made of rich textures and embellishments that will add that cozy feel to your home.

Neutral colors

Neutral colored items never really go out of style and they are a perfect pick for any season. You can pick neutral colored sofas and add bold colored cushions for that cozy feel. You can play around with textured rugs to add color and pattern to your room.

Use marble

Marble has been around for ages and it has for a long time symbolized luxury, tradition and unique taste. Add the exquisite marble to add a modern and luxurious twists to your spaces. It is important to note that using too much marble for your spaces makes your room lose its aesthetic appeal. Use marble on your kitchen counter tops or bathrooms for that timeless look.

Use room dividers

The open floor plan has gained popularity over the years but if you are looking forward to creating a cozier feeling to your room you can use dividers. Not only does this add comfort, it also provides intimacy and privacy. Some of the dividers can act as bookshelves or fire places.

Scandinavian design

This design has been around for a long time and in order to easily nail this style, go for more inviting colors and brightly colored accessories. However, you ought to go easy with the colors so as not to weigh down your room with too many textures and colors. Instead, use abstract pieces in neutral colored rooms, linear pieces and accent furniture.

Go Luxurious

This year the luxurious trend has been about using neutral palettes, earthy tones and pieces made of velvet. To add a little natural touch to your home, you can use crystals, stones and corals. Add these beautiful pieces to shelves, counter tops and tables for that natural sophistication.

Other items to add to your home:

  • Use contrasting details such as pillows and rugs to add comfort to your home.
  • Use deep and rich colors like orange, green or any other dramatic palette you’d love to incorporate in your home for that chic look.
  • Add wood elements for that rustic feel.
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